The Tilia Team


Tilia is the Latin genus for the Linden, a tree with heart-shaped leaves that inspired the name of the Minneapolis neighborhood, Linden Hills, where we’ve located our little eatery.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that the Linden tree is rich in mythology and has many wonderful properties. In German folklore, the Linden was considered a tree of lovers. It was also believed it could help unearth the truth, and thus became a judicial meeting place for German citizenry seeking to restore justice and peace. Its wood is prized in guitar-making, while herbalists use it to treat restlessness. The Linden’s flower is even used to make a nice herbal tea and is important to beekeepers seeking a richly flavored honey.

Peace. Love. Truth. Music. Relaxation. Flavor. We’re down with these things. As we settle into this little gem of a neighborhood, we draw inspiration from both our surroundings and the wonderful properties and history associated with the tree that lent us our name.

Steven Brown

Jörg Pierach

Zöe François

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